Good Morning Woody,

Very happy with the way they turned out!

We received a lot of compliments; the ladies really liked how the pink sparkled! Really appreciate you being able to accommodate the short timeframe. I’ll hope to have more notice on the next event J

Enjoy your day!


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Hi Woody and Judy,
Greg hit another sock trick! Time for a celly! The balls arrived a few days ago. Our friends got here Friday and that’s when both ladies received their gift. Major hit. The Orange Blossom logo coupled with the orange print for their slogan on a yellow ball is fabulous. Greg is very good!
Thanks again for making each project special to that occasion.

Dear Woody, Judy, & Greg,
We received the golf balls you designed for us and they are just perfect!  We love how the design is placed on the ball, the colors, and the "classy" look of a golfer and his initials.
Thank you so much for creating exactly what we were hoping for - a special and unique gift to present to our friend and used-to-be accountant.
Stay safe and try to enjoy the holidays!

Perfect thank you for the great gifts you have made for me over the years. 
First time I bought my family those custom golf balls they were afraid to use them because they didn’t want to lose any. So I bought more and now they have one from each order to show off in a case at their home.  
I can’t thank you enough for wonderful gifts you have allowed me to share with my family. 
--- Nic

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From: Laurel

Received the golf balls today and couldn’t be more pleased!
Exactly how we wanted them.
Thanks very much!


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