From: Ryan
To: zipline golf
Subject: Re: time to reorder customized golf balls from Zipline Golf LLC

Hi Woody,

Could you hook me up with an order of one box of Pro V1's with my picture on them for me please?

When you're ready I'll shoot you the call for payment.

I sure love working with you guys! It's the best present I get to give all year!




From: tom
To: zipline golf

Judy - i received the order and loved it, thanks a lot. I was very happy with the quality, price, & speed of delivery. I will definitely be using Zipline in the future for custom golf balls for friends & clients.


IMG 3198


From: Julie
To: zipline golf

Just got my order. Golf balls look great! Thanks for the great service!



From: Roxanne
To: zipline golf


Thanks so much!! We're excited to present them to our wounded Veterans who will be playing in the American Wounded Heroes Golf Classic!

You gave us excellent service! If there's anyone I can tell in your Company about what a great job you did please let me know. I'm in a line of business where service sets us apart and what you did for us was awesome!!

Thanks again!




From: Varleen
To: zipline golf

Hello! I received the custom golf balls this Thursday and was very happy with how they came out! I was very happy with the service and you did an amazing job!! I will spread the word about what an awesome job you did to my
family and friends and I will not hesitate to order more if I ever need custom golf balls in the future. Thank you so much for a quick delivery and for helping me throughout the entire process.




Zipline Golf

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