Dear Woody, Judy, & Greg,
We received the golf balls you designed for us and they are just perfect!  We love how the design is placed on the ball, the colors, and the "classy" look of a golfer and his initials.
Thank you so much for creating exactly what we were hoping for - a special and unique gift to present to our friend and used-to-be accountant.
Stay safe and try to enjoy the holidays!

Perfect thank you for the great gifts you have made for me over the years. 
First time I bought my family those custom golf balls they were afraid to use them because they didn’t want to lose any. So I bought more and now they have one from each order to show off in a case at their home.  
I can’t thank you enough for wonderful gifts you have allowed me to share with my family. 
--- Nic

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From: Laurel

Received the golf balls today and couldn’t be more pleased!
Exactly how we wanted them.
Thanks very much!


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I was initially attracted to Zipline by their ability to customize small orders at an affordable price.
A few years and several orders later, I continue to be impressed by their unbeatable prices, fast shipping times, and flawless execution on designs for both personal and professional use.
Unless I start golfing better, I'll be back. 


Hello Judy,

We just got the balls! My father absolutely LOVED them. I am very grateful with you guys. Thanks a lot for your amazing job and all your help. I’ll sure contact you for further purchases. Hope y’all stay safe.




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